DO PAY for E-Money

Secure and distributed payment system in the Philippines

DO PAY is a mobile financial service operated by WIBS PHP INC.

Our DO PAY is for anybody

Our vision

DO PAY is aim to provide a social environment free of disparities in financial services by creating an environment in which all people in Philippines can access mobile financial services.

The trading market value in 2021 was reported to be 1.6 billion USD worth and it is expected to grow to 2.2 billion by 2026.  At the time of November 2021, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrency has arisen to 3.08 trillion USD.  Given the GDP size of the Philippines to be 450 billion, the market size is 6.8 times the national GDP!

Our mission

DO PAY is built with the latest technology to disseminate the great power of the world’s leading financial services to many people, create an environment where everyone can benefit equally without creating financial refugees in the financial services market, and aim for an equal social environment in which everyone can participate.

There is to understand the needs of the people who work together and customers and to provide the best financial services to get true customer satisfaction with a quick and polite response. Our mission is to be a driving force that brings significant benefits to the local community with the companies that support DO PAY and the people who work with us.

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

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Remittance and Payment solution

What you can do with DO PAY Remittance

  1. You can receive remittance from Philippines and abroad members
  2. Allows quick remittance between DO PAY Accounts
  3. You can send money to someone in Philippines through the mobile phone number
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Leading technology

Leading technology in electronic money transfer and banking

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Between DO PAY users

Remittances between DO PAY Accounts are very easy and secure.
If you are transferring to a Philippine account, you can immediately transfer money from your DO PAY Account.
Remittance via web browser takes only a few seconds.

Between Non DO PAY users

When sending money from your DO PAY account to a Philippine account, it’s easy, fast, secure, and available anytime, anywhere.
At Do Cashier all over the Philippines, you can withdraw money in Philippine pesos.

opening remittance for anyone

Account service fee


Protecting your assets is our top priority. Our highly advanced security system is built to keep your virtual currency as safe as possible.


DO PAY for VCE is an authorized virtual currency provider licensed (VASP) in the early stage by The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the central bank of the Republic of the Philippines.


Our web and mobile app (Cryptocurrency Wallet) makes it easy to access to XXI too!


You can deposit money immediately by bank transfer.You are required to create an account with us in order to trade cryptocurrency.

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